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All the fonts we offer contain 220 symbols each: all the Russian and English lower-case and capital letters, 10 figures, number sign (both # and №), punctuation marks (a full stop, a comma, exclamation and question marks, a dash and others), signs of mathematics (a plus, a minus, signs of multiplication and division, signs of equality and root and so on), symbols of some currencies (currency, sterling, dollar, cent, yen, euro) and other symbols. We adhered to the Windows ANSI symbols encoding table but made some alterations. For example, we placed the symbols of multiplication and division to other code cells and put a few additional for Win-ANSI signs in the unused cells. Here is the complete encoding table of all of our fonts.

Unfortunately, not all font designers stick to the standards. We are not aware of what fonts are installed on your computer and how your browser is configured, so we suppose some symbols in the last column of the encoding table could be displayed wrong. We advise you to be guided by the index and the name of the symbols.

Designing the slanted (Italic) styles we proceeded from the fact that decorative fonts are rarely used for typing the large volumes of texts, and the majority of editors can change any signs from the plain styles into the slanted ones working with the short phrases (an article title, signboard and so on and so forth). That's why the symbols of Italic styles in our fonts have no real slant of the vertical strokes. Instead of it, Italic styles are the variants of Normal and Bold styles which we consider to be more interesting and reflecting more perfectly the general idea contained in each corresponding font. For example, in "Moskva" font the slanted styles symbols have the strokes with the counterstrokes, in "Samara"-Italic typeface symbols are "dancing": the characters are moved sideways relatively to the baseline and are inclined in a chaotic order.

We did our best to do all the featuring of our fonts: hinting, bearing, kerning (is above 5.000 pairs) and others.

We tested the efficiency of the fonts in many Windows applications: CorelDraw!, Aldus PageMaker, Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Word, Microsoft FrontPage Express and others. The tests showed bright results.

Our fonts are represented both in TrueType and PostScript formats.

We can change encoding, substitute some symbols, design your national alphabet letters and do other changes according to your wish. To do this we need the particular description of the required encoding, detailed description of the symbols you need and some samples drawn in various typefaces. We will be able to define the cost and time necessary to carry out the work only on getting your requirements and drawing up a contract or an agreement.

The ready fonts' cost depends on the amount of styles and a maximum number of users specified in the applicable receipt. One-user license costs 10 Euros for font about 1 style, 15 Euros for two styles, 25 Euros - for four ones and 45 Euros - for eight styles.

Our address: p.o. box 111, Tver, Russia, 170000.
Phone: +7 (4822) 451-851.
E-mail: fontcity@yandex.ru.
Thank you for speaking/writing Russian.
Yours respectfully, Igor & Kate Shipovsky.
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