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We're got a good company of designers and are now ready to do various kinds of work for you:

I. Fonts design

You would probably like to have your own font as one of the elements of your trade style. We are ready to design an exclusive font for you intentionally, according to your own or our drafts, and to ship it only to you. You can use it for designing your inner documents as well as for making your image ads production, for designing your brochures, books, magazines, journals or newspapers. Instead of letters and figures your font character set can contain special pictograms that you can use when making your technical documents.

II. Original models creating

Our great experience of making-up books and newspapers, designing original models of advertisment leaflets as well as ads for the press, catalogues, various forms, labels and packing and so on, lets us offer you one more kind of service: typing, designing and making-up original models for any polygraphic products. After getting the ready models approved by you, we can send an order for printing your polygraphic production to the printing house, check its quality and ship the ready production to you.

III. WEB-design

Using modern technologies, combining graphics, texts, animating, programming and sound effects we can create a full value Internet site for you. The main parameters of your future site are as follows: a well considered script, convenient navigation, highest possible automation, introduced information correction check, denied access, graphic and interactive elements attracting attention, and at the same time high compression, reliability and maximum speed of loading of the pages. If you are not interested in hosting problems we can place your site in Internet. On-line information changing can also become our concern.

Our creatures, except FontCity.ru:
SuperMarket FontCity- universal Internet trading place (Russian)
Armageddon- get Biblia more familiar for yourself! (Russian • English)
Beit Bnei Tsion "Haifa"- 7th Day Adventist Society of Haifa, Israel (Russian)
Orthodox library- the Tver charitable fund (Russian)
Denta-Luxe- presentation of elite dentistry office (Russian)
the winner of Gold Crocodile 2007
(the all-Russia contest powered by the Russia's Stomatologic Association)
the best Internet site of Russia's dental clinic
RevoluSHEN- mobile orthodontic services in Israel (עברית • Russian • English)
Exmash- unique excavators from Tver (Russian)
"Adventus" building company- comfy wooden houses (Russian)
"SK-Dom"- Adventus' new web-site version (Russian)
Exintal Group- TV reciever systems (Russian)
MUP BTI APR- Administration of Kalinin district of Tver region (Russian)
"Tver Optovik" ltd- advertise yourself on the "Optovik" group editions (Russian)
"DRUЖБА" center- the translating center (Russian)
"Furniture technologies" ltd- computers tables and other furniture (Russian)
"Tver isographs"- the gallery of the Tver artists' icons (Russian • English)
"Bolshevik" farm- is looking for investor to enlarge output (Russian)
test server- our current work

IV. Presentations

You can present your company possibilities in the form of digital visit card or multimedia reel. We are ready to design a high-quality presentation movie and to ship it to you. We also can issue your presentation circulation on digital storage devices.

For sure, you have a lot of ideas about possible way of promoting your production and services, expansion of your market, developing new tendencies of your activity. Probably you have no time to realize all of them. We are ready to help you, our knowledge and experience are at your service. Endless variety of your possibilities, unpredictability and originality of your ideas don't allow us to place here the full price-list. Together we'll fix the cost and time necessary to carry out the work. We're sure our cooperation will be profitable both for you and us.

Our address: p.o. box 111, Tver, Russia, 170000.
Phone: +7 (4822) 451-851.
E-mail: fontcity@yandex.ru.
Thank you for speaking/writing Russian.
Yours respectfully, Igor & Kate Shipovsky.
Home: FontCity.ru

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animation by
I. & K. Shipovsky,
© Translation by
Olga Shakhin,
© Music by
Maxim Bodrov,