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For purchase and further use of our fonts, you must read carefully and agree to comply with the provisions and terms of the present agreement.


I. Basic concepts

font or typeface - a set of symbols (characters, numbers, punctuation marks and other symbols) with a unified design (the shape or style of the symbols strokes). The font design can have several variants to accentuate or make expressive a part of symbols (style). The font is the result of its authors' creative activity, it is represented in the form of files (data set) in the Truetype or Postscript formats. The font is to be installed into the computer memory and further used by means of computer programs. Each font has a different set of symbols and styles, therefore amount of the files can de different, also the files can be of different size.

style - a variant of the general design of the font symbols with some distinctive features (e.g., weight or posture of the symbol strokes, the presence or absence of counterstrokes). A typical computer typeface family usually contains four styles - plain (Normal), thick (Bold), slanted (Italic) and thick slanted (Bold-Italic).

authors - Igor and Kate Shipovsky, designers of the presented fonts.

copyright - rights of the authors pursuant to the Law of the Russian Federation "Of Copyright and Associated Rights", other legislative acts and international treaties.

user - natural or juridical persons who accrue a right to use the fonts in their activities.

product - any documents, printed materials, video reels, signboards, trade marks, logotypes and other materials, including their original models designed by the user and containing the fonts.

fonts application - storage of the fonts in the computer memory and/or any reproduction of the fonts at the user's products for his own needs, for commercial purposes or for the customers. Reproduction of the product by the user's customer (e.g., lease of a video reel or duplication of any printed materials) is not considered to be the use of fonts.

II. License terms

1. All copyrights to the presented fonts, their styles, names and/or symbols, pursuant to the Legislature of the Russian Federation and international treaties, are owned by the authors. THE FONTS ARE LICENSED, NOT SOLD to the user - THE USER DOES NOT BECOME THE OWNER OF THE FONTS and does not acquire any other rights, the user is solely granted the right to use them.

2. The fonts may be used by a maximum number of users equal to the number of users specified in the applicable receipt. The fonts may be installed on as many computers as there are in their possession and to have an unreserved number of copies.

The user can use the fonts for elaboration and manufacturing of any kinds of products, including those for export.

3. The user MAY NOT resell the fonts, rent, lease or lend them to a third party.

The fonts cannot be transferred by right of succession in case of the user being a natural person, or to a newly founded enterprise in the event of amalgamation, separation or any other reorganization of the user being a juridical person.

In the event of sale or other transfer of the storage devices in the user's possession (including for repair) to third parties, the user shall make certain that they do not contain the fonts.

The user undertakes to make arrangements for the copyrights protection against the third parties' actions: briefing of the staff, limited access, anti-intervention protection from the computer nets, etc.

The user IS NOT LICENSED TO TRANSFER THE FONTS to the contractors for products manufacturing or to the customers along with the finished commodities. Before transferring them to the third parties, the user shall convert the fonts, that are a part of the products, into the formats that do not allow the third parties to use them (e.g., raster or vector objects).

4. The user IS NOT allowed to create similar or analogous fonts, to use the fonts names.

5. The user IS NOT permitted to introduce changes to the fonts, separate them into parts, single out components, rename the files, typefaces, styles and/or symbols; ANY MODIFICATIONS OF THE FONTS ARE ILLICIT.

Should need arise to adjust the fonts to the programs and working conditions of the user, to change the coding, the composition of the symbols and styles, or make any other modifications of the fonts, the user is bound to contact the authors in any suitable for the user way.

6. THE FONTS ARE TRANSFERRED "AS IS". The authors DO NOT guarantee that the fonts do not contain defects, are compatible with all operational systems, other programs, coding systems, other standards and working conditions of the user. In no event shall the authors be liable for any losses, direct or consequential damages, connected with application of the fonts or with impossibility of their application. THE USER ASSUMES ALL THE RISKS RELATED TO THE FONTS APPLICATION.

7. The user is fully aware of the fact, that ANY INFRINGEMENT OF COPYRIGHTS IS ILLICIT and can result in civil or criminal prosecution pursuant to the Legislature of the Russian Federation and international treaties.

If you do not agree to the terms of this license agreement, you have no right to install and use our fonts and to keep them on your storage devices. In this case you should not make payments.

If you already have an illegal version of our fonts, you can agree to comply with the terms of this license agreement, make payments and use our fonts on legal ground. If you do not agree to the terms of the license, you must remove all the copies of our fonts from your storage devices.

You can acquire other rights to our fonts, including exclusive ones, but not prior to the negotiations with the copyright holders and signing a written contract.

To complete an agreement and obtain the fonts, you must make payment and send your order in any suitable for you way. Please, read carefully the order form and indicate ALL required data. We guarantee immediate dispatch of all the fonts you order in the required way.

Our address: p.o. box 111, Tver, Russia, 170000.
Phone: +7 (4822) 451-851.
E-mail: fontcity@yandex.ru.
Thank you for speaking/writing Russian.
Yours respectfully, Igor & Kate Shipovsky.
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