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The fonts designing is a very prolonged and thorough business, it requires creative way of thinking and inspiration. We have many fonts that exist in the form of the pencil scetches and some of them are partly completed to various extent of computer developing. For example, we released the Normal style of "City of Volgograd" font in November. Now we work with its Bold and Italic styles.

You can speed up processing of the fonts you liked or, vice versa make us refuse some fonts. Will you please tell us how you estimate the drafts shown on this page:
- - I will not get this font even if it is free;
0 - there is something interesting in this font;
+ - I will get this font at any cost!!!

You can type your opinion regarding our work in the text area at the bottom of this page. Please, do not forget to press the "Send information" button. Thank you.

The temporary name /
The future font name
DraftYour opinionWhat name would you
give to this font
The syringe
City of ???????
The safety pin
City of Ivanovo
The flame
City of Chudovo
The comb
City of ???????
The claw
City of Oryol
City of Magadan

What do you think about our work:

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